:: Testimonials ::

So here you have some opinions by several users. It´s their opinion not ours!.

"Before I found InsideCAT, I had looked at several other programs which either had no way to try-before-you-buy, searched way too slowly, were not stable, did not have the features I needed, or simply choked on the massive amounts of data I would import into it. InsideCAT surpassed all of these requirements with ease! It's quick, rock-solid, feature-filled, and constantly being improved upon. And it also helped me to find files that were tucked away in folders that they shouldn't have been in, and even in zip files! And you have always been very responsive to the very few bug reports I have made. Now, my collection contains close to 1,065 pieces of media (5,245,528 files) and is still growing. And I keep it all organised with YOUR program! And IT KEEPS UP! I just can't picture using anything else." Jim Dietzel, from Herndon (Virginia, USA)

My database is currently covering around 3.5 to 4.0 Tb of material, utilizing everything from CD, DVD and Dual Layer DVD (more than 1,100 disks). Many thanks for what is fast becoming an indispensable part of my software armoury. I honestly don't know how I ever found anything without it!! George, from Maybole (Scotland)

"InsideCAT keeps me sane. Without it I would have lost every disk I own. Thank you for a wonder piece of software." Kevin, from Wallaroo (Australia)

"I have now downloaded InsideCAT v 4.03 successfully and I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on an excellent and attractive program, which I have found very useful and enjoyed using. I wish you success with it in the future." James White, from Glasgow (Scotland)

"Now I ran the new installer and it works. I'm sorry I got you startled, my bad, everything runs fine now. PS. Your program is the best of it's kind :)" T800

"Thank you for the help and thank you for a great product. I have tried many of these cataloguing applications, including many that others swear were better than your product - However, in my opinion (and sometimes after I showed them your product and how I use it - changing their opinion) yours is the best for what I need. Thanks again for a fantastic product! Keep up the good work!"

"This program is the best so far I have found for cataloging my CDs, Thank You!" Erkki Attila, from Helsinki (Finland)

"Greetings. I just wanted to say what a useful bit of software is InsideCAT. How much I appreciate it. I'd like you to feel good about that. Thanks a heap." Peter Hoban, from Launceston (Tasmania)

"He probado muchos catalogadores de discos, pero InsideCAT es el único que realmente me gusta. Quizá no sea muy vistoso, pero seguro que es muy efectivo. Solo tengo 204 CDs, pero saber que no tengo que bucear en 3 o 4 para encontrar ese software que baje de internet o ese archivo de Word que no se como se llama (pero que hice el verano pasado) es algo a lo que ya no puedo renunciar. Lo mejor no es que puedas catalogar los CDs (lo hacen muchos) sino que encuentres lo que buscas cuando lo buscas, y eso solo lo hace éste." Vicente Perez, from Gijón (Spain)

"Great program. I use i 1-2 times a week. Never download the same thing twice again, cause I can just search my downloads CD in a second now." Georg Froejk

"Con fecha 26 de marzo de este año compré su programa, tengo que reconocer que es un magnífico programa, que me ha permitido catalogar todos los CDs que tenía en un caos absoluto." M.J.B., from San Sebastian (Spain)

"I now have 1,921 disks catalogued, with 1,290,086 files, according to the InsideCAT information. InsideCAT is excellent for searching and finding files - much better than the previous program I was using." George Baldwin, from Addlestone (UK)

"By the way, the last version is working FANTASTIC. Keep up the great work." Bill Everett, from Missouri (USA)

"It is a very good cataloguing prog and I will recommend it to my freinds or anyone I speak to about cataloguing. Thank you for your kind response every time I contacted you as this is what efficent customer support is all about.  I wish all software developers were as prompt as this. Finally, I hope make your first million with this software. Thanks for all." Denis Hughes, from Longford (Ireland)

"I tried the trial version and catalogued 100 disks, I really like the program so I bought the Pro model..." J.R. from California (USA)