:: Privacy policy ::

"VGTSoftware Development" and "InsideCAT" are trademarks registered by Víctor García Tascón, domiciled in Marqués de San Esteban Street, # 4, entlo. 33206 GIJON. ASTURIAS. SPAIN (more contact info here). I am the holder of the database of our program users and for its use.

All the personal information we pick up will be strictly confidential. We comply fully with the  15/1999 constitutional law, on December the 13th, concerning the protection of customers information, operating in Spain

In observance of this law, you must be informed that you can change, or cancel the information about you in our file. In order to do this you must send a letter requesting your data updated or deleted, to the address shown above.

Any information gathered is only that strictly necessary in order to identify our costumers or any other people interested in our programs. Our intention is only to give users support, program updates, and new versions information in the best way.

VGTSoftware Development insists on our commitment with a responsible and confidential use of the information we gathered. We guarantee that the information will fully comply with the legal requirements operating in Spain.

On the part of the users, they must agree to be sincere about the information provided, any false/dishonesty data will be all the reason to the exclusion from any product or service purchased, without prejudice to any other legal actions operating.

Finally, we agree formally not to give away or sell the information we collect to any third person/company.

Any change in this privace policy will be preceded by the appropiated information to those users concerned.