:: Other download sites ::

In this section you will find links we consider useful, and that we want to share with you. Surely most of you know them yet, but others maybe donīt.


Simply the best software downloading web we have found on the Net. Formerly known as WebAttack.

The best way to pay/charge on the Net. Paying is free and charging bears low commissions, one of the best, and safer than using your credit card everytime! 

Very good software downloading site. They had been kindly enough to make a review of InsideCAT. They really like it!. Click here to read the review.

Google languages
We all know Google, but surely some still donīt know it includes a language translator. I use it frequently.

Do you want a free FTP manager? I use this one.

Paint Shop Pro
Excellent program similar to PhotoShop. The main difference is its price, more or less ONLY 100 dollars. Now Corel seems to manage.

Oscar renamer
With this free program you will be able to re-name dozens of files in few minutes. You can change names as if you were in  NotePad. Besides, it has a simple but efficient system for keyboards macros.


Inno setup
Good program for making program installations. Itīs the one I use for InsideCAT. It doesnīt follow Microsoft MSI standards, but I donīt care cause it works pretty well. Besides itīs free even for commercial use. Its only fault is it works with scripts, though they are easy to do.

Site specialized in promoting shareware, for a reasonable price your program or webpage will be everywhere on the Net. Highly recommendable are: "Seal of quality review" and "Software Rover".

The first site where InsideCAT was put on sale. You only pay if you sell. Quite high commissions but also quite high satisfactions.

The second InsideCAT site-on-sale on the Net. Itīs the best complement for PayPal in order to sell software. They basically take charge of processing the charges (always via PayPal) and delivering the software through a purchaserīs download. If you donīt sell much itīs free.

Fortunately, there is a company named Borland, that since many, many years, makes developing tools, they made Delphi... Thank you Borland.

Velazquez Visual
The best RAD tool for database applications. Client/Server applications that work without problems. Powerful and scalable. 100% independent from other programs. Installation/Uninstallation is trivial (including the Server). About 10% the price of Oracle... and better than Oracle (for me ;-).