:: History of versions ::

Changes 5.02 (08/13/2012):

  • Main bug at Backup function fixed. Now works as expected.

  • Main bug about creating CD-Audio catalogs prior to 1980 fixed.

  • "Extract" and "BackUp" tabs relocated at new "Tools" tab.

Changes 5.01 (07/20/2012):

  • Small fix about disk type of new catalog. Now user selection is saved.

  • Small fix for message "Range chek error" when running InsideCAT without optical drives.

Changes 5.00 (06/05/2012):

  • Better user interface. More windows. Bigger texts and buttons.

  • New multimedia files category: Executables (EXE, DLL, BAT...). 

  • Support for .ISO and .7Z files as compressed files.

  • Filetypes. More than 800 file types defined. Used for Description field.

  • New field "Metadata" for files. It stores metadata which has not it own field.

  • Optional CRC32 file calculation. Used for finding duplicate files. 

  • Function for searching your local disks. Works with The Collector.

  • Four new options with statistic info about catalogs.

  • Disk type icons updated (6 new types).

  • Big 128x128 default icons for each disk type.

  • Improvements to the Collector: now you can add nested files.

  • Improvements to the Collector: more options to add files.

  • Internal backup function for catalog data, in ZIP format.

Changes 4.25a (04/11/2011):

  • Fixed main bug about renaming (rewriting) files with the same name at "The Collector".

Changes 4.25 (03/21/2011):

  • Fixed main bug about using more than 4 GB at "The Collector".

  • Added multi-sort (up to 4 columns) at "Catalogues" grid and "Search" grid.

  • Added options to hide columns (and lower panel) at "Search" grid.

  • Added option to choose 3 font sizes (8, 10 or 12) for all graphical reports.

  • Added few more options to configure printing (hide columns).

  • Changed location for printing options. Now they are available at printing screens.

  • Fixed minor bug about contextual menus at grids (now are available at all columns).

  • Improvements at Help files (section about printing rewrited).

Changes 4.20 (11/29/2010):

  • More compatible with Windows 7 and Vista. Changed default catalogs folder to "...\My documents\InsideCAT data\". Also changed format of "Help file" to .CHM format.

  • Changed routines for Music files (MP3, WMA...) for better multimedia data indexing.

  • Fixed problem with "fake" (not bitmap) .CUT files (also for all bitmap files). Program now does not hang.

  • Updated routines for multimedia files.

  • New logo and icon. A few new small icons for windows.

  • New debug option which shows the three folders used by the program.

Changes 4.12 (06/30/2010):

  • New option "Browse thumbnails with subfolders". Shows all the thumbnails at the selected folder and all itīs subfolders.

  • Added "User Manual" (PDF version of the "Help file").

  • Updated routines for multimedia files.

Changes 4.11 (05/26/2010):

  • General bug fixing at "Thumbnails browser". Now it works as expected.

  • Small aesthetics changes at "Thumbnails browser". Added buttons "Goto first" and "Goto last".

  • Updated routines for multimedia files.

Changes 4.10 (12/23/2009):

  • Updated routines for multimedia files. Support removed for .HAV .FLI .FLC video files.

  • Added support for multimedia music files (.MP2) and video files (.QT .MP4 .MPV .MPGV .VOB).

  • Better multimedia data extraction for MPEG files with only sound.

  • "Number of channels" for multimedia files now can be 9 (maximum).

  • Search multimedia files by "Number of channels" with minimum and maximum.

  • Bitmap formats .XBM .XPM .CUT are disabled by default.

Changes 4.03 (05/07/2009):

  • Updated internal routines for multimedia files support.

  • Minimun screen resolution now is 800x480 (before 800x600).

  • Portuguese language available for help file.

Changes 4.02 (01/23/2008):

  • Fixed main bug, when searching for files. Results where shown without any reason.

  • Portuguese language available for program interface.

Changes 4.01 (12/15/2007):

  • Fixed main bug, when creating new catalogues. Some problematic multimedia files made program hang. Now this files are treated as normal files and program does not hang.

  • Changed PDF scan engine (back to v3 engine). Slower but safer.

  • Fixed minor bug after using "Paste at 1st level".

  • New "Setup" option. Creation of thumbnails of photo files can be disabled by default.

  • Small UI translations improvements.

  • Small aesthetic improvements.

Changes 4.00 (04/01/2007):

  • Makes thumbnails of bitmap files: JPEG, TIFF, PCD, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, TARGA.

  • It also extracts EXIF metadata from JPEG y TIFF.

  • Labels and sleeves designer for CD/DVD boxes. Including automatic functions.

  • Six graphic style reports, similar to the ASCII existing ones. Customizable.

  • Support for new video format files: Real (RM), Quicktime (MOV), Matroska (MKV).

  • Support for new bitmap format files: Kodak (PCD), PSD (PhotoShop), ICO, XWindows (XPM,XBM).

  • You can add a bitmap to each catalogue to identify it.

  • PDF file support renewed. Itīs faster. It also extracts "keywords".

  • Support for bitmap and video files renewed. Faster.

  • You can change the icons of disk types (all the icons from the catalogues tree).

  • Four additional extensions for compressed files enlarged (up to 8).

  • Files duration for audio, music and video can be modified manually.

  • German language available for program interface.

Changes 3.27 (05/09/2006):

  • Fixed nag screen about unregistered components.

  • Now collections, at Catalogs tab, left tree, are grouped altogether at beginning of the tree.

  • Fixed bug when copying files from the collector to disk (files from folder catalogs fail).

  • Maximum length for names of catalogs increased from 64 to 256 (when editing).

  • Changed multimedia support rutines for GIF and BMP files.

Changes 3.26 (04/08/2006):

  • More stability when creating big catalogues: it will be no longer possible for small files (under 128 bytes) to be compressed or multimedia files (they are considered a fake).

  • General re-organization of Re-Catalogue function. Documentation has been improved.

  • Italian and French languages added (only to the program, no to help file)

  • Possibility to select the help file language, independently of the language you selected for the program.

Changes 3.25 (02/22/2006):

  • Now you can enable "Serial number use: Disabling on creating" option from catalogs creation windows.

  • General bug fixing when storing catalogs at a different folder than installation one.

  • New option for changing drive letter to catalogs.

  • Separated UI languages for "American english" and "British english".

  • Minor aesthetic enhancements.

Changes 3.22 (01/20/2006):

  • Enhanced catalogation of WAV files.

  • New data for Audio files: format type, stored at Description field.

  • General bug fixing at Duplicates search.

  • Minor aesthetic enhancements.

Changes 3.21 (12/19/2005):

  • Enhanced catalogation of MP3 files.

  • PDF tag catalogation has also been improved.

  • New panel at Cataloguesī Tab providing full info of the file selected.

  • Dutch language added (only available for program, not for help file).

  • Better run for read-only discs (CDRom).

Changes 3.20 (10/10/2005):

  • CD-Text format support for CD-Audio cataloguing.

  • On-the-fly decompression for opening nested files.

  • Full extraction of EXE files without execution.

  • Use KB and MB for filesize at Catalogues tab.

  • Bug fixed (with wrong Author MP3 tag).

Changes 3.11 (08/08/2005):

  • Bug fixing ("range check error" when cataloguing).

Changes 3.10 (08/01/2005):

  • Multimedia support for WMV and ASF video formats (with DirectShow).

  • Multimedia support for AC3 audio format.

  • Multimedia support for DIB, RLE and JPEG2000 bitmap format.

  • Multimedia support for HAV video format.

  • Small UI enhancements.

  • Bug fixing (re-cataloguing). 

Changes 3.06 (07/21/2005):

  • Small enhancedments to The Collector (disk queue...).

  • Small UI enhancements (new right-click menu at Search tab...).

  • Bug fixing (about folder catalogues and open functions). 

Changes 3.05 (06/10/2005):

  • Export function general improvements (user configurable, multimedia data).

  • Small UI enhancements (more help buttons, right-click menus...).

  • General bug fixing (all Known Bugs fixed).

Changes 3.00 (04/08/2005):

  • Cataloguing of CD-Audio disks automatic (with Internet) or manual.

  • Textual search with Perl 5 regular expressions.

  • Textual search also on Author and Genre/Subject.

  • You can assign a password to avoid running the program if not typed.

  • New field (and column) Author (now not stored on Description).

  • More speed on searching (regardless of the new search functions).

  • Multimedia support for PDF document files.

  • Multimedia support for MPEG and FLI/FLC video files.

  • Compressed files support for SQX format.

  • Two new fields for document files: Author and Subject.

  • One new field for video files: nš of audio channels.

  • New field "Description" for catalogues (searcheable).

  • New field "Location" for catalogues (not searcheable).

  • Use of multimedia colours in all the screens.

  • Ejects the CD/DVD disks after cataloguing them.

  • Allows to view nested files of others at Search screen.

  • Setup option to disable the question Do you really want to exit?.

  • Bug fixed: cataloguing fails with files over 4 GB.

Changes 2.51 (12/22/2004):

  • Fixed one main bug about maximun filesize.

  • Fixed one minor bug about storing program configuration.

  • Three new better icons (16x16x256).

Changes 2.50 (09-09-2004):

  • Searches for duplicates of the selected file. On Catalogues and Search tabs.

  • AutoRun disk function will remain disabled while you are working with the program.

  • Apply colour and bold type to collections and catalogues. Configuration by user.

  • Minor aesthetic enhancements: change icons, sizes...

  • Bug fixed: improvements in file-opening functions.

  • Bug fixed: improvements in cataloguing network drives and folders.

Changes 2.22 (06-02-2004):

  • New option: exports the files of all catalogues from one sub-collection.

  • New option: exports the files from ALL the catalogues.

  • Exports also compreseed or nested files (user configurable).

Changes 2.20 (03-22-2004):

  • New option for searching only in folders.

  • New setup option for automatic sorting on Catalogues Tab grid.

  • Improvements on date/time formats: now the same system Windows has defined is used.

  • Interfaze improvements: "Big fonts" allowed on screen configuration.

  • More stability in cataloguing multimedia files: bug about bitmap files fixed.

Changes 2.01 (12-12-2003):

  • Setup options to disable multimedia files support one by one.

  • Setup options to disable special compressed file support in a global way.

  • One minor bug fixed.

Changes 2.00 (12-05-2003):

  • Multimedia files Support for text, bitmap, audio, music and video files.

  • Searchings for all the multimedia data (with maximum and minimum).

  • The Collector: compile files from all your discs.

  • Textual Searchings of two different words using AND or OR between them.

  • Buttons to cancel the cataloguing in every screen.

  • Button to change from viewing a file from Search Tab to view it from Catalogues Tab.

  • More options of configuration: grid lines, colours...

  • Aesthetic enhancements: animations (disable), new icons. more disk types...

Changes 1.40 (07-06-2003):

  • One new open file function: dialogue "Open with...".

  • All European languages supported in "Turbo" uppercase mode.

  • Faster initial loading of catalogues. Minor internal improvments.

  • All (two) minor bugs fixed.

Changes 1.35 (06-01-2003):

  • One new opening function (now up to four): open with Windows Explorer.

  • Small user interface re-organization. More dialogues.

  • Bugs fixing: all known bugs fixed.

Changes 1.30 (05-07-2003):

  • Two new printing functions (now up to four).

  • All printing functions now configurable by user.

  • One new exporting function (now up to two).

  • Small user interface reorganization. More dialogues.

  • Bugs fixing: all known bugs fixed.

Changes 1.02 (03-27-2003):

  •  Bugs fixing: all known bugs fixed.

Changes 1.01 (03-06-2003):

  •  Added support for WinAmp (enqueue file).
  •  Bugs fixing: all known bugs fixed.

Version 1.0 (01-25-2003):