:: Download Lite version of InsideCAT ::

You can download the Lite (free) version of the program from here, so you can check it and test it at will.


Download freeware version Download InsideCAT v5 Lite Edition Download freeware version


If you wish to verify the restrictions of this version, compared with the Professional version, click here, please.

If you are using any v4 LITE (free) version of InsideCAT, you must take care about the number of catalogs you have. Version 5 LITE has a limit of 50 catalogs (it was up to 100 for v4). Then, if you have less than 50 catalogs, no problem. But if you have more than 50 catalogs, new v5 LITE will let you work only with the first 50 catalogs loaded. If this is your case, you have only two options: consider to purchase a new license of InsideCAT v5 Professional (which has no limits about number of catalogs) or do not update (keep on using your old v4 version). Also, ALWAYS BACKUP MANUALLY YOUR CATALOGS DATA FOLDER BEFORE INSTALLING ANY NEW V5 VERSION. ALTOUGH YOU CAN RECOVER OLD CATALOGS FROM .BAK FILES, IT IS SAFER TO DO A MANUAL BACKUP BEFORE UPDATE. Usually the catalog data folder is "My documents\InsideCAT data\" for v 4.2x, or "Program files\InsideCAT4\" for versions 4.0x and 4.1x. Also with v 4.2x you can see the path for catalog files used by InsideCAT (TCT_FOLDER) at Setup tab, Debug sub-tab.