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my name is Victor Garcia Tascon, and I am the author of InsideCAT. I was born in Gijón on 01/15/1968 and I am a professional developer for over more than twenty years. In addition to my working for
Funeraria Gijonesa S.A. as an analyst-developer, I also carry out my own plans. InsideCAT is one of them.

My knowledge about developing were acquired, basically, during the years I spent studying in the University School of Informatics of Gijón, in order to achieve the degree of Technical Engineer of Informatics, being Systems my line. It was a great time there during the nineties. Of course while I was a student I also started developing on my own. As a funny memory, when I was sixteen (1984) I was given a Spectrum for Christmas, soon after, I started dealing with Basic language... time flies.

Since then, I have used (for better or worse ;-) Clipper, Turbo-Pascal, Turbo-C, Cobol, and some others for MS-DOS; Visual Basic, Velazquez Visual and Velneo for Windows, and of course, Delphi (thanks Borland). I can also manage with databases, client-server, SQL and all that stuff. The last thing was developing for mobile phones...

My Fiscal Number Id. is:

And that´s all, now you know something more about me. Other information next.

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VGTSoftware Development
Marqués de San Esteban 4, entlo.

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+34 985172320


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Europe -
Spain (North) -  Asturias - Gijón